In Hinduism, all power, shakti, is female. So, the female represents the totality of the power, and the male is imaged as the agent of the female. 
Also, in Hinduism, the sun is female and the moon is male; he is born of her, dies into her, and is born of her again every month. Shiva, this great power, is the moon god. Parvati, his consort, is the sun power. And although the worship in the masculine-oriented action systems in India is directly to Shiva, it's to the goddess Kali, that the worship finally goes.  Thus the woman is -"Shakti'' means "power'' and "strength.''

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Secrets of Sound Sleep

Sleep is extremely important to our health and well being. Unfortunately, our society doesn't always see it that way. What can we do? This isn't an easy problem to solve, but in this article Susie Cortright gives us some good tips to help us fall asleep.

Secrets of Sound Sleep

Neatness is as important as wearing appropriate attire. The best of clothes, accessories and jewellery can not do much for a woman if she neglects her body, face and hair. To look beautiful you should feel beautiful from within.

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Secrets of Sound Sleep

Work brings together people of different characters and behavior, and this often causes friction, resentment and stress. Here you will find some simple suggestions to experience inner peace at your workplace.

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Secrets of Sound Sleep

Do these exercises at least twice a day, and see and feel the difference. These might be able to beat the stress, so that it does not affect your efficiency at work.

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Beauty Secrets

Although there are many beautifying products to choose from, if you fail to take proper care of yourself. Secret of a glowing complexion is regime followed throughout the life time

10 Steps for radiant skin  
Hair nourishment
Ways to look younger
Discover the remedies in your kitchen!
Arresting hair loss
Skin care in monsoon season
Face Pack for glowing face
Home remedies For sparkling eyes
Prevent dry hair
Quick steps to change your look

Kid's Section

Here are some guidelines derived from various websites and expert pediatricians writings. But it should always keep in mind each baby has different needs and need to be treated differently

Children's Ailments
Feeding at a glance
Initiation into Breastfeeding
Diet for an Anemic Lactating Mother
Introducing Semi Solids (4 -6 months)
Nutrition During Childhood
Tips For Picky Eater
How to discipline your child
Maintain a Positive Parent-Child Relationship


Recipe's Corner

Indian Menu are known for the healthy ingredients the use of which are based on ancient texts, knowledge passed on from one generation to another. Now becoming popular the world over. Learn more about food recipes here

Collection of Basic Indian Recipes
Download Recipes
Recipes in Marathi
Christmas Recipes
One pot meals
Recipes to beat the heat in summer
Quick and easy recipes (New Cook )
Healthy Recipes Full of energy
Refreshing Drinks from India

Woman Power

Do you feel burdened with too many responsibilities and not enough time for personal enjoyment? Clarify and live according to your values and priorities. Renew and refresh yourself

Power of personal appearance
Some tips to relieve tension  
Recipe for success in career
Steps to cope with chaos
Achieving Balance in life 
Happy commuting to the work place 
Be a woman on top
Secrets to work life serenity
Peace Of Mind At The Workplace
Steps for Spiritual Growth


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